Expressway from Katz

Frequently asked

What is Expressway from Katz?

Expressway from Katz is a programmatic exchange for the radio industry developed by Katz Radio Group to streamline processes for buyers and broadcasters. The platform helps broadcasters present inventory in a format preferred by many of their agency partners. It helps buyers develop smart, customized radio campaigns faster and easier than ever before.

How Does the Technology Work?

Katz Radio Group partnered with Jelli, creators of the first cloud-based ad-delivery system for audio, to power Expressway from Katz. The technology offers universal connectivity, meaning Expressway’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) will work with virtually any buying system and its Sales Side Platform (SSP) will work with any trafficking system. The DSP and SSP are connected by an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard.

  • Demand Side Platform (DSP) — Designed with the help of radio buyers our DSP software makes real-time buying and planning easy while addressing the nuances of radio buying.
  • Sales Side Platform (SSP) — Unique to Expressway, our SSP software allows stations to share live inventory and set rates in real-time.
  • Expressway Dashboard — The information pipeline connecting Expressway’s DSP, SSP, and servers, our Radio Dashboard makes tracking, adjusting, and analyzing campaigns easy to do in real-time.

What Are the Benefits of Expressway from Katz?
  • Unmatched Scale — Katz Radio Group represents 3,300+ stations (or 75% of the market) across the U.S. as their exclusive agent for National Spot Inventory. By integrating Expressway technology across all Katz-represented stations, we have created an exchange that offers advertisers and agencies the best of radio in one convenient place.
  • Powerful Speed & Flexibility — Expressway from Katz is a live platform. Broadcasters can adjust available inventory and rates in real-time. Buyers can build customized campaigns quickly and purchase inventory in real-time. Plus, our flexible platform allows agencies and advertisers to update creative at any time—even at the last minute.
  • Reduced Friction & Improved Efficiency — By automating the most labor-intensive parts of buying radio, Expressway reduces friction and improves efficiency for both buyers and broadcasters. With administrative burdens lifted, buyers and sellers are freed up to develop more meaningful partnerships.
  • Two buying models are offered:
    • Self Service — Providing agencies and advertisers the ability to plan, buy, and manage a campaign entirely through the Expressway Dashboard.
    • Account Manager Assisted — Provides agencies and advertisers a dedicated sales contact to manage the process, from RFP to on-air execution, utilizing Expressway to streamline the process.
  • Enhanced Targeting — Initially, Expressway from Katz will offer targeting based on ratings, station formats, demos, and DMAs. Over time, advanced targeting tools powered by third party data (i.e. weather, traffic, political, etc.) will be integrated into the platform.
  • Transparency — Expressway from Katz offers the utmost transparency by providing up-to-the-minute reporting, including: creative used (with option to play back), number of spots run, and number of impressions delivered. Real-time reporting allows advertisers to follow, adjust and enhance their campaigns as they progress.
  • Improved ROI — Radio is already lauded for delivering incredible returns on advertising spends. Expressway from Katz will improve ROI for advertisers and agencies in three major ways: (1) automation of the most labor-intensive parts of planning and buying radio will reduce the man hours needed to execute campaigns, (2) sophisticated targeting tools will help advertisers reach even more of the most relevant consumers, and (3) improved transparency and real-time campaign monitoring will allow for real-time optimization.

How Can Broadcasters Begin Sharing Inventory on Expressway from Katz?

Getting started is simple. Expressway is industry-wide so it works with whatever traffic system you already use. Click HERE to contact a rep or to set up a demo.

How Can Agencies and Advertisers Begin Planning and Buying on Expressway from Katz?

Getting started is simple. Expressway is platform agnostic so it works with whatever buying system you already use. Click HERE to contact a rep or to set up a demo.